SCR Mechanical Projects

North District Wastewater Treatment Plant

Disinfection Facility Improvements – North Miami Beach, Florida


Daniel O’Connell’s Sons
Miami Dade County Water & Sewer Department
3071 SW 38th Ave, Miami, Florida 33146


Matthew M. Sturm
Florida Operations Manager
Phone: (786) 385-0139

Project Description

  • The North District Wastewater Treatment Plant has a treatment capacity of 120 MGD and treats wastewater to secondary wastewater treatment standards with basic disinfection serving the North areas of Miami-Dade County.

Project Scope

  • The Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to, the construction of proposed Disinfection Facilities that will replace the existing Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection facilities. The proposed facilities will provide storage and metering of concentrated liquid sodium Hypochlorite for various process needs which include effluent disinfection and for odor control Systems.
  • The existing On-Site Chlorine Building will become the main facility where the largest bulk storage tanks are located with metering pumps that serve the discharge points of highest demand. Work will also include a new Electrical Room.
  • The Pretreatment and Sludge Transfer Building will be a satellite facility with smaller storage tanks for servicing discharge points of lower demand that are significantly distanced.

Project Cost

  • $ 1,239,237

Completion Date

  • September 2021