SCR Mechanical Projects

Alexander Orr Water Treatment Plant

Upgrades to in-plant water use accounting in Miami, Florida


Miami Dade Water & Sewer Department
3071 SW 38th Ave Miami, Florida, 33146


Joaquin Roa, P.E.
Construction Manager

Phone: (786) 552-4063

Project Description

  • The project consists of furnishing all materials, labor, and equipment necessary to upgrade the Alexander Orr Jr. Water Treatment Plant water use accounting system while the plant remains fully operational. This will allow for a detailed accounting of water used in different treatment processes.

Project Scope

  • The scope of work consists of the installation of four (4) insertion-type meters in pipelines 36” and 48” in diameter; one (1) Flo-Dar (Doppler) Flow meter in a 72” wide flume, and twelve (12) in-line magnetic flow tube type meters in pipe sizes ranging from 4” to 12” in diameter. All work was completed while the water treatment plant remained fully operational without any interruption.

Project Cost

  • $ 1,199,382

Completion Date

  • June 2015