SCR Mechanical Projects

Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant

Master Pump Station No.2 – Consent Decree Project CD 2.22 Miami, Florida


V Engineering & Consulting Corp.
2929 SW 3rd Ave, Suite 340 Miami, Florida, 33129


Felix Valdes
Phone: (305) 342-5568

Project Description

  • This project is one in a series of projects part of the Consent Decree. The project consists of furnishing all materials, labor, and equipment necessary to upgrade the Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Pump Station No.2, currently fully operational, and performing all work maintaining operational capabilities to avoid service interruption.

Project Scope

  • The scope of work consists of demolishing the existing single-stage odor control system and replace with a new 3-stage wet scrubber followed in series by granular activated carbon (GAC) absorption, absorption rated at 16,000 CFM. Demolish all existing Fiber Glass Reinforced ductwork and replace it with new ductwork. Demolish two existing odor control system blowers and install the new odor control systems blowers. Demolish the existing chemical storage and feed systems and install the new chemical storage and feed systems.

Project Cost

  • $ 552,420

Completion Date

  • August 2020