SCR Mechanical Projects

Sweetwater Stormwater Improvements Phase II A

Sweetwater, Florida


City of Sweetwater
500 SW 109 Avenue Sweetwater, FL 33174


Eric Gomez 
City Engineer EGSC Consulting 

Phone: (305) 553-5457 

Project Description

  • The City of Sweetwater experiences regular flooding due to stormwater. This project is one of several that aims to improve the ability to capture and efficiently transport stormwater from the streets of the community to the major drainage canals using new catch basins, piping, and lift stations.

Project Scope

  • Installation of a complete stormwater system that included: A total of 9,300 linear feet of PVC, DIP, HDPE, and RCP pipe, most notably 72” and 84” RCP and a 64” DIP; (118) concrete structures including a headwall, manholes, inlets, and drainage catch basins; 30,000 SY of roadway reconstruction; construction of two lift stations, each with (3) submersible pumps capable of moving 5,200 GPM each, and the furnishing and installation of all associated electrical, control and telemetry systems.

Project Cost

  • $ 3,640,694

Completion Date

  • 2011