SCR Mechanical Projects

Vacuum Sewer System Improvements

Village of Palm Springs, Florida


Village of Palm Springs
226 Cypress Lane Palm Springs, Florida 33461


Donald Eckler, PE 
Eckler Engineering 

Phone: (954) 510-4700 

Project Description

  • Installation of 13,000 LF of vacuum sewer collection main, 170 vacuum valve/pits, 1,200 LF water main, and CMU vacuum pump station complete with bio-odor control and 200 kW emergency generator. Work included the installation of approximately 9,000 square feet of sod, restoration, and replacement of 11,000 square feet of asphalt, and over 2,700 LF of concrete sidewalks and driveways.

Project Scope

  • Work occurred in congested, residential neighborhoods where maintenance of traffic and residential notification were a daily operation. Construction conditions typical of South Florida included:
    • Extensive Dewatering
    • Narrow Right of Ways
    • Environmental Concerns
    • High Groundwater Table & Wetland Crossings

Project Cost

  • $ 1,955,253

Completion Date

  • 2005